Tuesday, March 6 from 5:30-8:30pm

Caucus Locations

Tuesday, March 6

Carbondale Middle School - Precincts 1-4

Glenwood Springs Library - Precincts 5-12

New Castle Community Center - Precincts 13-15

Silt Library - Precincts 16-18

Rifle Library - Precincts 19-23

Parachute Library - Precincts 24-27

Governor Candidates in Caucus

There are two paths to get on the primary ballot.  One is to collect enough signatures on a petition and the other is to caucus. Only some of the candidates running for Governor will be part of the caucus poll.



Cary Kennedy

Erik Underwood

Noel Ginsberg

Mike Johnston

Jared Polis


Donna Lynne

Get to know the candidates and come to caucus to listen and share your thoughts with your neighbors.

Caucus Agenda


Check in, prioritize platform to inform County focus, check out the candidates, speak with their surrogates


Pledge of Allegiance


Governor candidate surrogates speak 1-3 min. ONLY


Break into precincts

Elect PCP's (neighborhood leaders)

Take a poll for Governor candidates

Elect delegates to the County Assembly on March 17

Take a poll on all other State races (CD3, AG, SOS, Treasurer)

Submit formal amendments to County Platform



Find Your Precinct

1. enter your name, birthdate and zipcode

2. Click on "County and District Information

3. Scroll down to PRECINCT NUMBER

How to read your Precinct Number

Once you locate your “Registered Voter Information” record, you will see a list of all your election districts. Look for the ten-digit Precinct number, as in this example:

Precinct 3085723003

Here’s what those ten digits mean:
First digit – Congressional District
Second and third digits – State Senate District
Fourth and fifth digits – State House District
Sixth and seventh digits – County Number
Eighth digit – County Commissioner District
Last two digits – Precinct

So, in the above example, Precinct Number 3-08-57-23-0-03, tells us that this voter’s districts are:
3 Congressional District
08 State Senate District
57 State House District
23 Eagle County
0 County Commissioner District
03 Precinct

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