Get Involved

In order to win in November 2020, we need all hands on deck starting NOW. Thank you for your interest in helping!

FIRST, please join Outreach Circle. Like an email version of the old-school phone tree, Outreach Circle is a tool that enables our supporters to communicate easily with their networks of friends and neighbors. By signing up, you'll get looped in on upcoming events and ways to help. Joining is as easy as signing up for an email list.​

ALSO, "like" our Facebook page - it's another good way to tap into the local Dem grapevine.

NEXT, contact volunteer coordinator James Gilliam to chat about volunteer opportunities and your interests and skills. We're particularly in need of help with the following:


  1. Writing Postcards. We're writing postcards to left-leaning voters in Garfield County who were eligible to vote in the 2016 and/or 2018 elections, but chose not to. We're looking for volunteers to hand-write our message and each voter's address on our locally designed postcards.

  2. Making Phone calls. We're calling left-leaning voters in Garfield County who do not have a valid address on file with the Secretary of State. We're letting them know how to easily update their address online so that they'll receive a mail-in ballot in November.

  3. Communications. We’re looking for volunteers to help with social media, designing FB posts, website updates, and messaging.

  4. Data Entry. As we reach out to voters, we're collecting important information, such as new addresses and voters' preferences for how to be contacted. We're looking for volunteers to help input that information into our database.

Thank you for your help!

Garfield County Democrats
PO Box 2637
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602