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We believe in affordable healthcare, affordable education, protecting our precious environment, a thriving diversified economy with quality jobs and opportunities for everyone, and true justice for all. 

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Beatriz Soto

& Leslie Robinson

for Garfield County Commissioners

Our County Commissioners hold tremendous power


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County Commissioners

All Garfield County voters can vote for BOTH Leslie Robinson and Beatriz Soto.

Leslie Robinson 
Garfield County
Commissioner District 3

We are overdue for a change in dealing with COVID, building affordable housing, and creating New Green Jobs. Let’s move forward.

Beatriz Soto
Garfield County
Commissioner District 2

Our community is hungry for a true change that reaches deep and ensures a better future for all. United for change - Unidos Podemos.

State Senate SD8

Karl Hanlon 

We need to need to
make state government work for our mountain communities. Climate change, health care costs and attacks on public lands threaten our way of life

State House HD 57

Colin Wilhelm 
We need leadership on the Western Slope to ensure the future for our communities by driving economic diversification, increasing teacher pay and increasing access to mental health care. 

US Representative

Diane Mitsch Bush 

“I’m running for the U.S. House – the People’s House – because we need to take back our democracy.

US Senate

John Hickenlooper 
At a time when Washington is rife with division, John is the problem-solver we need in the Senate.

State Board of Education 

U.S. President
& Vice President

Mayling Simpson 

"I believe to my core that free public school education is the foundation of our democracy." 

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris 

Unite for a

better future.

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