Caucus for Dem Candidates - Sat, March 7

The Democratic Party now has a two-track system for nominating candidates in Colorado. For the presidential race, there's a primary election on Tuesday, March 3; mail-in ballots for the primary have already gone out. For all other Congressional and state offices, nominees are selected through a multi-step caucus process beginning on Saturday, March 7 (see graphic).

The local caucuses on March 7 are your chance to get involved in the election process!


Colorado Democratic Caucus

Sat., March 7

process begins at 1:30. Caucus begins at 2:00 sharp.

  • Caucus for US Senate candidates

  • Elect delegates to send to the March 21 County Assembly

  • Elect neighborhood leaders to organize Get Out The Vote efforts

  • Provide comments on the County Party Platform


Please note that you must already be registered as a Democratic voter, and you can only participate in the caucus in the town in which you are registered to vote:


  • Parachute Library (Precincts 24-27)

  • Rifle Library (Precincts 19-23)

  • Silt Library (Precincts 16-18)

  • New Castle Community Center (Precincts 13-15)

  • Glenwood Springs Library (Precincts 5-12)

  • Third Street Center, Carbondale (Precincts 1-4)

The caucus sign-in process will go much more quickly if you know your Precinct number. If you don’t know your Precinct number, please refer to this map or follow the steps below:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on “Find my Registration.”

  3. Enter your name, zip code and birthday, then click on "Search."

  4. Click on the “County & District Information" tab.

  5. Find the 10-digit Precinct number.

  6. Write down the last two digits of your Precinct number. (We will refer to those last two digits as your local precinct number at the caucus.)


For more info on the caucus process, view the Colorado Democrats’ Caucus Training webinar. You must enter your name and email address to access the presentation.


Questions? Contact

Garfield County Democratic Party
PO Box 2637
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602
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