Think it doesn’t matter who our County Commissioners are? 

Think again.

The Board of County Commissioners wields tremendous power over our everyday lives—managing a budget of over $100 MILLION per year. 


They are responsible for:

  • Overseeing the Sheriff’s Department budget

  • Managing social services that impact children, families and seniors

  • Paying for libraries and county roads

  • Setting local tax rates

  • Creating a long-term plan for our county’s future


Our current Board of County Commissioners...

  • Spent $1.5 Million of county funds supporting the oil & gas industry and fighting regulations to protect clean air

  • Approved fracking within 500 feet of people’s homes and the Colorado River

  • Diminished our reserves by $27 Million in just 3 years--and that’s BEFORE COVID hit.

  • Have refused to acknowledge that global indicators have been forecasting a decline in oil & gas revenues from small operations like those in our county.

  • Surrendered our authority to require that oil & gas waste pits and multi-well pads go through a local government approval process before being built.

  • Eliminated funding for our local Planned Parenthood in 2015.

We need to elect commissioners who will PRIORITIZE addressing:

  • The high cost of housing relative to local wages

  • The ridiculously high medical costs in our area

  • The poor quality of internet access in so many parts of our county

  • Keeping our air and water clean

  • The need to diversify our economy 

  • Attracting clean energy industries and jobs to our county 

Vote for BOTH

Leslie Robinson & Beatriz Soto

for Garfield County Commissioners

More Info on Garfield County Commissioners

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