Join our efforts for the final stretch!

Help out during the last 5-10 days of the election

to make sure all left-leaning voters actually VOTE!

Drop off flyers

Call voters

Text Voters

Email/text friends

Additional Info on Volunteer Opportunities:

1. Outreach Circle

Contact: Jerome Dayton - email Jerome

Outreach Circle is a digital tool that will enable you to identify left-leaning voters in your social network who live in Garfield County and who have NOT voted. If we can get LOTS of people signing up for Outreach Circle, we’ll be able to identify LOTS of left-leaning voters in the county who have not voted! Please don't think that because your friends plan to vote, they don’t need to sign up. We need EVERYONE to reach out to their friends,

who will then reach out to THEIR friends, and so on. Friends reaching out to friends is

the most effective way to make sure a person votes!


2. Help distribute our Voter Guide

Sign up here: Distribute Voter Guide

The Voter Guide includes info about Democratic candidates and the voting process in Garfield County. We need volunteers to help distribute copies of the Voter Guide

to public places around the county.

3. Drop off flyers for left-leaning voters who haven't voted

Sign up here: Final Flyer Drop-off 

Starting Oct. 29, volunteers will be hanging a bilingual flyer on the doors of left-leaning voters who still have not turned in their ballots. The flyer will inform people that it's too late put their ballot in the mail and provide info on how voters can still vote. We'll need lots of volunteers to reach EVERY

remaining left-leaning voter in the county!

4. Texting

Contact: John Krousouloudis - email John

Help us send text messages with important election info to voters across the county. Volunteers will also text left-leaning voters who have not yet turned in their ballots, reminding them to do so. With our texting program, texts are sent from

an anonymous number, not your personal phone number.

5. Phone Calling

Sign up here: Volunteer to Phone Bank

Volunteers are calling left-leaning voters who have not turned in their ballots,

making sure they have a plan for voting and that they have all the info

they need about how to vote in Garfield County.

Karl Hanlon’s campaign is also looking for volunteers to make phone calls.

Contact: Kevin Burns at


Diane Mitsch Bush’s campaign is also looking for volunteers to make phone calls.

Contact: Drew Weber at

6. Door knocking

Contact: Aron Diaz - email Aron

Volunteers are safely knocking on the doors of voters who have not yet voted. They're sharing information about Leslie Robinson & Beatriz Soto, encouraging voters to vote for all the Democrats on the ballot, and making sure they have the info

they need about the voting process in Garfield County.

7. Write Letters to the Editor

Contact: Eden Steele - email Eden  

There's little time left to get letters into our local papers-- which is a great way to spread the word about our candidates and why this election is so important. We're happy to provide ideas and editing suggestions.

Garfield County Democratic Party
PO Box 2637
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602


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