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Did you know that

Garfield County Commissioners….

Spent $1.5 Million of county funds fighting against clean air and public safety standards?

Post Independent article 10/6/20: $1.5 Million spent from mitigation fund

Have put our county’s economy at risk by foolishly ignoring global indicators that have been forecasting--for years--a decline in oil & gas revenues from small operations

like those in Garfield County?

Have relied on declining county reserves to meet budget deficits rather than

prioritizing bringing new industries and new jobs to the county?

Diminished our reserves by $27 Million in just 3 years--and that’s BEFORE COVID hit.

Garfield County: 2021 Budget Kick-Off, July 14, 2020

Spent $60,000 to hire a special interest Washington, D.C. lobbyist to

promote development on our public lands?

BOCC Meeting recording 12/16/19: Discussion beginning at 1 hour 35 minute mark

Held illegal closed-door meetings with oil industry insiders?

 Denver Post article 8/28/12: closed-door meeting with oil shale reps

Support fracking within 170 yards of people’s homes?

Post Independent article 10/6/18: BOCC opposes changing the 500 ft state setback


Opposed regulations to keep gas drilling 1,000+ feet from schools?

Post Independent article 4/3/17: BOCC opposes 1,000 ft setback from schools


Eliminated all funding for our local Planned Parenthood in 2015?

Post Independent article 11/3/15: BOCC yanks Planned Parenthood funding


Commissioners Samson and Martin have embraced the far-right extreme wing of their party

by supporting the candidacy of Lauren Boebert?

Post Independent article 10/9/20: Samson & Martin support Boebert



     Beatriz Soto  &  Leslie Robinson

We need to elect commissioners who will:

  • Be transparent and accountable

  • Put our health over politics

  • Protect our public lands

  • Fight to keep our air and water clean

  • Prioritize bringing new industries & new jobs to the county

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For more info:  Why Vote for County Commissioners?

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