By spreading the word NOW about the critical role that county commissioners play in our lives and across Colorado, we hope to reach the goal of 1,000 pledged votes BEFORE the November election.

  • Paula Stepp lost her 2018 race for County Commissioner by less than 800 votes. 

  • Over 1,300 registered Democratic voters did not vote in the 2018 commissioner election.

  • Over 4,400 Unaffiliated voters did not vote in the 2018 commissioner election.

  • The majority of Unaffiliated voters in our county tend to vote for progressive candidates.

  • Spent county money fighting regulations that would protect our air & water.

  • Fought against Colorado’s Climate Action Plan.

  • Blamed health & safety regulations for the diminishing revenue from oil & gas production; in fact, production from small-scale fracking operations, like those in our county, are predicted to decline world-wide in the coming years, due to trends in the industry.  

The numbers show that we could win this election

Garfield County Democrats
PO Box 2637
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602