Act locally, donate locally, vote locally.

Did you know the County party is not financially connected to the Democratic National Party?  We also do not receive funding from the State Democratic Party.  All donations stay local and support the very basics of party politics through caucuses and assemblies, neighborhood organizing, County platform development, candidate development and influencing local elected officials on behalf of all our unique communities.


We are all volunteers. We work locally, and operate on a shoestring budget. Please make a generous donation or commit to a small, monthly amount by using our ActBlue or PayPal link posted above and in our footer, or please send a check with your name, address, occupation, and phone number (all information required by law) to P.O. Box 2637, Glenwood Springs, CO 81602.

Ways to share your time and talents


Email us at


simply click on Uncle Sam and let's get you started.

There are 27 voter precincts in Garfield County, Colorado. Each precinct needs a team of volunteers to spread literature and increase voter turnout during the election season.  These leaders are called Precinct Committee People (PCP's). Are you interested in building a team of people from your neighborhood to take this on?  We will train you and support you the whole way.  You and your team will be the heroes of the 2018 election.

What precinct do you live in?  You can check on the clerk's website here.

As a PCP, your responsibilities would be as follows:

  • Share election information with your neighbors in your precinct

  • Build a small group of volunteers to help canvass

  • Share issues that are important to your precinct to inform the County Platform

  • Participate in Central Committee Meetings 2-4 times a year.

Contact us here to find out more about becoming a PCP!

Would you like to help in your neighborhood for the 2018 election?  Would you like to help with voter registration?  March in parades? Share literature?

Campaigns are won with volunteers!  It really is about time, energy and frequency of contact with voters.  We need your help to break the myth that Garfield County is a red county.  It is NOT! We can bring hope and engagement back to our local elections.

More people > less work > more fun!  Contact us here if you'd like to donate your time or talents.

The Garfield County Democratic Party Executive Board oversees a number of smaller committees, for which we need volunteers. These committees are providing the labor and knowledge that builds the tools for the volunteers and candidates to make an impact. 

If you aren't a door to door person but you want to contribute in other ways, check out the list of committees and committee heads here. Let us know if you'd be interested in joining one by contacting us here.

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